Every quarter we release new product functionality to the ProLinkHFA Software Suite with includes our ProLinkHFA back office software, our electronic portal Procorem, and complete Microsoft Excel & Word integration via SmartDox.

These updates are guided by our HFA User Group. Once annually, the ProLinkHFA product team, along with our HFA User Group, comes together to discuss the updates they would like to see in ProLinkHFA over the next year. With 30% of ProLinkHFA maintenance fees reinvested back into the product in the form of new features, the User Group drives significant product functionality each year. Once items are approved, ProLink delivers them to our clients each and every quarter.

Now let’s take a look at the updates made this quarter:

Mass Compliance Review Management
Most of our updates pertain to enhancements towards compliance functionally. The first we will talk about is Mass Compliance Review Management. With the delivery of this new feature, it has never been easier for a compliance officer to create compliance reviews across multiple properties at once. This update provides automation to ensure all properties are maintaining required compliance and saves agencies immense amounts of time, manually populating data in the ProLinkHFA system. Now, you can create compliance reviews for all properties in a flash!

Property Owner Rent Roll Reporting
Our second update is adding complete Rent Roll functionality into our Procorem Compliance app. With this new feature, it’s never been easier to export all tenant information for property owners to be able to review all compliance information and ensure it is all accurate before submission to the agency. By incorporating this functionality with the ability to import compliance data right from popular property management systems, such as Yardi or RealPage, HFAs can be sure they are getting the most accurate property, building, and unit information while limiting the burden of compliance on their stakeholders.

Search Improvements
To make it easier for our clients, we improved our search capabilities within ProLinkHFA. With our third update, users can search properties to easily create asset management records. This update also allows users to have more specific search results about where a property is within its asset management lifecycle. Now a user can perform complex search across all properties which includes the ability to filter by fiscal year, the next compliance audit year, or the tax credit inspection year.

Construction Budget Flexibility
We all know finalized budgets don’t always stay finalized. With unanticipated gaps, leftover funds, or additional draws that were not issued, the ability change finalized funding budgets was very important product enhancement from our User Group. With our fourth update of the quarter, clients now have the ability to add or remove funding from a finalized budget. Access to this functionality is controlled by configurable security permissions to ensure any changes to finalized budget follow your HFA’s approval processes.

Customizing our software to the needs our clients is essential to us, and this is just one of the many ways we make sure the ProLinkHFA Software Suite works best for our HFA clients. If you are interested in learning more about ProLinkHFA, head over here or, as always, do not hesitate to contact us directly.
Be sure to come back next quarter to see the next round of updates we have released!