Three years ago, ProLink formed the ProLinkHFA User Group.  The User Group meets once a year in person to review and vote on the ProLinkHFA Software Suite product roadmap for the coming year.

In order to prioritize new product functionality, each of our clients chose the top 5 features they would like to see added to our software, and during this meeting all our clients come together to explain why they believe a certain feature will benefit their agency and the ProLinkHFA product. At the end of the User Group conference, all members vote on the new features to include in the product.

One of the most exciting aspects of this process is that each of our state clients work closely with one another to share best practices and process tips with the other state agencies. Collaboration is key at ProLink and it is one of the ways we ensure that our software, and the industry as a whole, is improving in innovative ways.

2017 was a year of growth for the HFA User Group, and we suspect 2018 will continue that pattern of growth. During this years’ conference we welcomed our newest User Group member, Wyoming Community Development Authority (WCDA). WCDA was joined by our existing User Group clients, Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA), West Virginia Housing Development Fund (WVHDF), Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC), and Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) – along with a few other states interested in learning more about ProLink.

Prioritized User Group Items

At this year’s ProLinkHFA User Group, we planned what new features will be included in our product roadmap for 2018. These features were collaboratively agreed upon by our clients and are important to the continued growth of this product in order to support the ever-evolving HFA industry. Let’s take a quick look at three of these upcoming product enhancements.

Web Portal File Downloads – The first feature set to be prioritized will allow users to download multiple files from our secure collaboration portal, Procorem, at one time. Procorem is used as a portal for communicating with external partners such as developers, property owners, and property managers. With this bulk download feature, our clients can quickly download funding applications, supporting documentation, financial statements, and any other project files with the click of one button.

User Defined Fields – In ProLinkHFA, User Defined Fields allow our customers to create their own data fields in the system for tracking, reporting, and automating agency-specific workflow processes. At the annual user group meeting, our clients asked for more functionality to create configurable drop down menus, further expand the configurability of the fields, as well as provide better organization of this customized data.

Workflow – Workflow is a powerful component of the HFA software as it provides the ability to send automated emails and alerts, with attachments, to both internal and external parties. Any data contained within the ProLink system can be quickly reported against, and incorporated into, an automated workflow process for sharing with key project stakeholders.

For 2018, improvements to ProLinkHFA Workflow include the ability to use the same rulesets across multiple Workflows. With this new functionality, ProLink clients can quickly copy and create similar Workflows rather than setting up one at a time.

For more information on Workflow, head to our blog article here!

Along with these three highlighted upcoming features, the ProLink User Group approved 25 additional features to be incorporated into ProLinkHFA in 2018.  In addition to our regulatory updates and ProLink roadmap, these features keep our product fresh and growing in order to support our client’s programs and processes.  Be sure to come back quarterly to get updated on these features!



Interested in learning how you can utilize these updates to our ProLinkHFA software to help streamline your business?  Take a look at the product page or feel free to contact us directly to talk about your HFA’s goals or set up a personalized demonstration.  We would love to hear from you to discuss what challenges you are facing and different ways ProLink can help, so don’t hesitate to reach out!