ProLinkAIM Deal Origination

ProLink Solutions introduces ProLinkAIM Deal Origination: useful for Deal Screening, Due Diligence, Data Capturing, and Pipeline Reporting.  This product gives you all the resources you need to effectively manage your pipeline of tax credit deals. 

Underwriters, originators and analysts typically prefer using deal specific spreadsheets to underwrite deals, but this doesn’t allow for comprehensive data analysis across your portfolio.  With ProLinkAIM, you have access to data from all deals in one database, allowing your firm to access and utilize data more effectively.  A centralized database also allows you to easily track exposure from repeat customers, create transparency and manage risk.

To help originators ease into our system, we make data input easy!  Our proprietary SmartDox technology integrates Microsoft Word and Excel data into the ProLinkAIM database.  Once an underwriting excel workbook has been converted to a SmartDox, underwriters can work more efficiently, and quickly upload underwriting data to ProLinkAim with the push of a button.

ProLinkAIM also accommodates your ad hoc reporting needs and comes equipped with various canned reports. For example, there’s a weekly production report that provides an overview of the past week’s production activities, and lists pipeline deals, by deal stage.

ProLinkAIM – makes easy data accessibility a reality. 

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