Why ProLink Custom Software?

At its roots, ProLink Solutions is a software development company capable of creating custom software for any industry. With over 18 years creating financial and real estate custom software solutions, our team has unique insight into the complexities of managing large amounts of data, integrating spreadsheets, merging workflows, and automating business processes.

The ProLink Difference

When off-the-shelf products don’t work, ProLink Solutions will work with your business to deliver a custom software solution specifically tailored to fit your needs.  By partnering with ProLink on your next project, you immediately benefit from the same foundational technology utilized by some of the largest institutional investors, regulatory authorities, financial institutions, and real estate companies in the country.

Each custom software project begins with the award-winning ProLink architecture to ensure reliability, minimize cost, and improve implementation time for the software to be in production for your next project!

How We Do It

1. Discovery Stage: When beginning a new client project, we start by assessing your organization’s business needs, workflows, and processes. We do this by interviewing all impacted stakeholders to identify issues and potential areas for improvement. Discovery continues through the process of analyzing your organization’s spreadsheets, document templates, databases, and applications. When we understand how things operate, we create documentation of the current process and develop a proposal for a new one.

2. Design Stage: The proposal created at the end of the Discovery Stage is used to develop an interactive prototype. This prototype allows the client to validate the design against business processes. Once the prototype and accompanying documentation is approved, actual software development begins. The Design Stage allows our clients to review and verify design criteria before heavy development begins, which controls rework costs from occurring at a later date.

3. Implementation: Beginning as we build the agreed-upon design with our core technology, the ProLink Architecture. We adhere to strict coding standards to ensure consistency and continued maintainability of the software. As each section of the software is completed, automated unit tests are built and executed, so that any errors can be corrected early on. The production-ready application is published to a staging environment to begin the comprehensive testing conducted by Quality Assurance. During each iteration, developers work with client stakeholders and business analysts to overcome any obstacles or flaws in design.

4. Enhancement & Support: Each step of the ProLink implementation is monitored for quality, allowing adjustments to be made as needed to achieve optimal efficiency. The end result? A seamless custom software solution, designed to meet the exact needs of your organization.


Additional Resources

Our Suite of Solutions:

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ProLinkHFA is a web-based software application that simplifies the complexities in providing affordable housing to qualified tenants across the nation. Our software captures all of your metrics and activities in origination, tax credit allocation, construction management, asset management, and compliance in one database. The only valuable data is actionable data. With ProLinkHFA, it’s easy to get information in and out of your database with speed, accuracy, and insight.

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ProLinkAIM is web-based software created to streamline all multifamily and mixed use asset management activities in a single database. This software solution offers complete Microsoft Excel and Word integration that seamlessly transfers data back and forth between your existing templates and the ProLink database. Easily access fund and investment performance, review occupancy, analyze risk, export general ledger entries, automate financial reporting, and develop relationship structures across all investments.

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When off-the-shelf products don’t work, ProLink Solutions will work with your business to deliver a customized solution specifically tailored to fit your needs. Each custom software project begins with the award winning ProLink platform to ensure reliability, minimize cost, and improve speed to the market for your next project. Our clients consistently realize productivity gains up to and in excess of 100% and we are confident your project will deliver similar results!

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Procorem – a secure portal technology that facilitates collaboration and communication for all involved parties.
SmartDox – an add-in for your existing Excel and Word templates.
ProLinkFHA – built to help with the complicated FHA lending process for multifamily & healthcare industries.
ProLinkCMO –  software to manage the intake and origination process for large commercial mortgages.
ProLinkHHF – an end-to-end software portal to manage all aspects of the Hardest Hit Fund.

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