ProLink Solutions delivers a flexible software solution designed to completely support your Asset Management and Compliance processes. The ProLinkHFA software suite streamlines Asset Management and Compliance by providing an end-to-end system, which allows your teams to collaborate from the start of a project. By taking a step back to view and coordinate all activities on a portfolio level, organizations are able to mitigate risk and optimize all aspects of the investment to be able to make the right decisions at the right time.

This is how ProLinkHFA utilizes best practices to support the Asset Management & Compliance process:

  • Flexible risk criteria to proactively identify risk across your entire portfolio
  • User configured workflow, compliance requirements, and real-time notifications
  • Out of box and Ad-Hoc reporting across your entire portfolio for immediate insight
  • A secure portal to collaborate with internal and external users
  • Microsoft Word & Excel integration tool, SmartDox, to easily review all financial data