ProLinkHFA Tax-Exempt Bond Module

Concerned about SEC continuing municipality bond disclosure obligations?  ProLink Solutions software captures pertinent bond data so you can easily meet continuing disclosure requirements!  

The SEC’s bond municipality continuing disclosure requirements were modified on February 27, 2019. The rules changed to require bond issuers to electronically file documentation within 10 business days of a material financial obligation event. (see SEC Rule 15c2-12 (b)(5)(i)(C)).

ProLinkHFA’s Tax-Exempt Bond Module captures data relevant to each bond issue so you can easily track and monitor performance of individual bond issues, and your entire portfolio.  Workflow functionality enables you to set up notifications for future defaults, accelerations, terminations, modifications, and other events that should be reported.

ProLink Solutions helps you stay on top of SEC bond reporting requirements  without adding time, cost, and complexity to the process!

ProLinkHFA ~ the Origination Software of Choice

Do you wish you could merge existing housing data silo’s into a single repository?  If so, ProLink Solutions has the loan origination software you need!  ProLinkHFA is used by the affordable housing industry to track data and documents from time of application, through the entire life-cycle of a housing proposal.   

Application Intake / Origination

Once a pre-Application for funding is received by a housing agency, a “Procorem” portal is set up for customers to upload required documentation electronically and communicate online with staff.  Procorem features enable the creation of standardized checklists, tasks, and deadlines for each funding type.  Additionally, staff and their customers can post comments that can be seen by all parties given access to the portal by your agency.  The ProLinkHFA database used in conjunction Procorem and “SmartDox” lets you seamlessly capture data from each Loan and/or Tax Credit Application, with the push of a button.  Our software solutions create transparency and enhance the overall customer experience.


SmartDox functionality lets staff continue to use existing Excel underwriting templates.  SmartDox involve the linking of data from the underwriting template to fields within our ProLinkHFA database.  SmartDox use during loan underwriting, reservation, and commitment stages, eliminate ongoing manual data entry requirements.  SmartDox also ensures that any changes to the underwriting assumptions are captured immediately, so agency staff always have access to the most current loan terms.  ProLink Solutions typically yield significant time, and cost benefit savings for our customers.

Deal Closing and Construction Management

The ProLinkHFA database continues to capture data through the construction or rehabilitation of a housing project.  We provide the ability to track and compare line-item budgets, construction progress, change orders, and disbursements, so staff can easily manage their construction pipeline and make insightful and timely decisions.  Construction inspection reports, draw requests, and change orders are continually managed through Procorem and ad hoc ProLinkHFA reporting functionality allows for the easy tracking of construction progress.  This helps with workload planning because staff can better estimate when projects will be ready for transfer and handoff to Asset Management staff.

ProLink Solutions software helps the housing industry achieve their affordable housing mission.  We eliminate laborious data entry tasks with seamless time and cost benefit solutions that let you continue to do business the way you want.  Let us help you eliminate obstacles and achieve results faster!