How can SmartDox help your organization?

For more than 10 years, SmartDox has been used as a vital part of enterprise solutions built for investment real estate firms, government agencies, and other financial institutions. It continues to create significant cost savings and organizational efficiencies that have driven growth and revenue. With SmartDox and a few clicks of your mouse, we can save you time and typos, as well as help ensure consistent, accurate data for your entire organization.

This is how SmartDox helps:

  • Adoption: SmartDox is an add-in for your existing Excel and Word templates. There’s no learning curve, even for the less tech-savvy members of your team.
  • Auditability: Every time you sync your spreadsheet with your data source, SmartDox automatically saves the current version of your document as well.
  • Data: SmartDox eliminates the frustration of incomplete data by allowing you to set rules that require specific document fields to be complete before submission.
  • Reporting: SmartDox gives you the opportunity to pull cross-platform reports, always with the most up-to-date information.
  • Efficient: SmartDox eliminates hours spent re-keying information into multiple data sources. One tap of the mouse pulls data into the document where it’s needed.

The Features

Why SmartDox?

The ability to create and track data has increased exponentially over the last decade, but your ability to use that information has not. Many organizations are left with disparate data sources: spreadsheets and databases filled with information that’s difficult to access and use. Your staff is burdened with the tasks of hand-typing data, locating it later, rekeying it into other formats, and creating reports based off of it. Teams often must wait for overworked IT staff to extract data from various sources, just so they can make decisions and act. Traditional data management processes are time-intensive and costly, and in today’s competitive market you just can’t afford them.

That’s where SmartDox comes in. SmartDox makes data available and actionable for the average user by connecting data sources with documents that are used every day. It allows you to avoid keying and re-keying large amounts of information into different documents or databases, automates your repetitive processes, helps you build forms and streamline reporting, and saves you hours of work every week.

How It Works

SmartDox connects disparate data by allowing users to easily map Microsoft Excel and Word documents to their current databases, so information added in a spreadsheet will be automatically populated into the database, and vice versa.

This saves users from the headache of typing and re-typing information into different places—and eliminates data discrepancies. SmartDox also automatically saves each version of a document in the database, so if errors are introduced they can be located and removed.

Users may also streamline data collection from Salesforce or clients using SmartDox-enabled documents. They have the freedom to map cells in Excel or fields in Word to any location they choose—providing a robust form-builder for those who need it.

How It’s Used

  • Create forms, applications, and questionnaires that can automatically sync with a database
  • Build templates for reports that are needed on a reoccurring basis, and populate fields automatically
  • Pull historical data from your database for analysis and decision-making

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