Why ProLinkFHA?

ProLink’s FHA software suite allows you to keep your existing internal processes, yet take advantage of market proven technology to save your team valuable time, reduce data errors, and create standardization across your deals.  With ProLinkFHA, your team can focus on closing deals rather than managing data.

This is how ProLinkFHA utilizes best practices to support the lending processes:

  • Combines two market tested ProLink Solutions products – Procorem and SmartDox – for an end-to-end solution
  • Keep your existing spreadsheets or adopt ProLink’s FHA templates that are always up to date with HUD’s regulations
  • Flexible enough to manage new construction, substantial rehabilitation, market rate, affordable, refinancing, and acquisition

The Solution

ProLinkFHA is a multi-faceted solution which includes the maintenance and management of your spreadsheets, a secure portal for communicating with deal participants (both internal and external), and provides complete integration between each one of your spreadsheets and all related HUD forms.

Here is what makes ProLinkFHA great:

HUD Form Automation
Secure Deal Portal



It all starts with the spreadsheets – either yours or our FHA templates.  On top of the HUD forms, ProLinkFHA templates completely manage the FHA underwriting process for loan sizing and analysis.  As part of ProLink’s FHA software suite, we provide Excel templates for all of the following HUD programs:

  • 223(f) – Multifamily Refinance & Acquisition
  • 220/221(d) – Multifamily New Construction & Rehabilitation
  • 232 – Healthcare New Construction & Rehabilitation

In addition to the standard Excel forms, ProLinkFHA also includes automation across all relevant Narratives used in the HUD FHA underwriting process.

HUD Form Automation

During the implementation process, we will map cells across all your spreadsheets and related HUD forms so your team only has to enter data one time.  Once the data is entered into the master spreadsheet, users simply push a button to upload all that information to the Procorem database – right from Excel.

With the deal information now in the database, your team can pull all deal data into any other spreadsheet, or HUD form, with the push of a button.  This automated process saves time, improves data accuracy, and allows your team to close more deals – faster!

Secure Data Portal

As a complement to the spreadsheet and HUD form automation, ProLink’s FHA software suite includes access to Procorem, our market proven, secure portal for the transmission and tracking of critical deal information. Procorem gives your team the confidence and security to effectively manage both your internal processes and external borrowers in a single environment.

Additional Resources

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When off-the-shelf products don’t work, ProLink Solutions will work with your business to deliver a customized solution specifically tailored to fit your needs. Each custom software project begins with the award winning ProLink platform to ensure reliability, minimize cost, and improve speed to the market for your next project. Our clients consistently realize productivity gains up to and in excess of 100% and we are confident your project will deliver similar results!

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Procorem – a secure portal technology that facilitates collaboration and communication for all involved parties.
SmartDox – an add-in for your existing Excel and Word templates.
ProLinkFHA – built to help with the complicated FHA lending process for multifamily & healthcare industries.
ProLinkCMO –  software to manage the intake and origination process for large commercial mortgages.
ProLinkHHF – an end-to-end software portal to manage all aspects of the Hardest Hit Fund.

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