Charitable Giving Matters

In the context of the Great Resignation and a tight labor market, our industry is no exception to the difficulties many are seeing today. More studies are showing that Gen Z and Millennials care deeply about company culture and are more likely to quit if they don’t agree with a company’s culture. To shape a positive company culture, one of the things that organizations can do is to increase their charitable giving and to become more proactively involved in local nonprofits that support various causes.

For ProLink Solutions, as a key technology player in the affordable housing industry, we are at a crossroad between technology professionals and housing professionals. As we are headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, a few miles south of Denver, we have supported various local organizations over the years, such as Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver. We have also recently discovered and started supporting STEMblazers, a local nonprofit based out of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, whose mission is to promote girls in the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

STEMblazers envisions a world where women feel they are equally represented in the STEM workforce, and it provides them with the resources they need in order to pursue a career in STEM. They partner with local middle and high schools and provide mentoring opportunities between students and local professionals. Women are underutilized in the STEM workforce and STEMblazers aims to help remedy this by getting more women involved in a variety of STEM employment opportunities, and in generating interest when it comes to women in STEM.

On July 28th of this year, we had the honor of partnering with STEMblazers for their 6th Annual STEMblazers Golf Tournament. We are aligned with the vision that STEMblazers has for women in tech and are happy to support them.

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