New Compliance Services for State HFAs

Let’s face it: Compliance can be a difficult and arduous process. State Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) play a crucial role in facilitating affordable housing solutions for communities. However, the tenant event process has presented several challenges for HFAs, requiring them to navigate complexities in Procorem and XML expertise, increased collaboration with owner/agents, and addressing concerns related to valid XML data generation. In this blog post, we’ll explore these difficulties and introduce a new solution to the challenges HFAs face when handling compliance.

Common Challenges

Procorem and XML Expertise Requirements

HFAs are currently expected to possess expertise not only in the Procorem platform but also in understanding XML. This dual requirement makes the tenant event process complex and time-consuming, hindering the efficiency of HFAs in their essential duties.

Increased Engagement with Owner/Agents

The evolving nature of tenant events necessitates HFAs to work more closely with owner/agents. This increased requirement for direct engagement can lead to communication challenges, potential misunderstandings, and delays in the overall process.

Training and Support Obligations

HFAs are burdened with the responsibility of providing training and ongoing support for the tenant event process. This can strain resources and divert attention from other critical tasks that HFAs need to manage.

Responding to Concerns Regarding XML Data

HFAs must address all concerns related to generating valid XML data. This involves troubleshooting, resolving errors, and ensuring that the data aligns with Procorem standards, adding an additional layer of complexity to their responsibilities.

All of these can additionally result in an increased workload for HFAs as well as additional skill requirements from staff.

The Solution

Marketing & Communication Templates

We provide pre-designed marketing and communication templates, simplifying your ability to effectively communicate the tenant event process to partner and allowing them to be well-informed and engaged throughout the tenant event process.

Tenant Event Portal Training for your Partners

ProLink is offering Procorem Compliance Workshop Trainings. Our goal is to enable your partners to be more efficient in independently managing tenant events, reducing the learning curve and improving overall efficiency.

Program Compliance Support for HFAs and their Partners

ProLink acknowledges the compliance challenges faced by HFAs and their partners. To address this, we are introducing Program Compliance Support. ProLink consulting staff are the first line of support in helping owner/agents upload their data into Procorem as required to meet their compliance needs. We will reconcile, populate and monitor external changes made to your data to ensure accuracy and program setup.

Correct Tenant Data for the Owner/Agent and Reconcile with ProLinkHFA

ProLink will work directly with owner/agents to correct tenant data in their source system and generate valid XML data for upload to the Procorem Tenant Event Portal. This proactive approach helps in avoiding errors and ensures that the data submitted is accurate and compliant.

Customized Exception Resolution and Escalation Procedure

ProLink will assist your team in creating procedures for exception resolution and escalation. This customized approach ensures that problems are resolved with minimal disruption to the overall tenant event process.



By recognizing and addressing the difficulties faced by HFAs in the tenant event process, ProLink aims to enhance the overall efficiency, compliance, and communication within the housing finance ecosystem. These solutions empower HFAs, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities while ensuring a smooth and error-free tenant event process. By providing the necessary tools, training, and support, ProLink aims to empower HFAs in their mission to create affordable housing solutions for communities nationwide.

If you are interested in this new service offering, please reach out to for more information or to schedule a call.

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